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Lots of class trip activities

Youth Hostel programmes offer a broad range of class trip activities
"Class trips are boring!" Not at all! Ours are multifaceted and diversified. Every trip is unique. More »

Offers for choirs and bands

Youth Hostel: training camp for choirs, bands and orchestras
Here`s where the music plays! Discover our service for choirs and bands. Come and play! More »

What our class and school trips offer

Class trips - Fun for the kids and a joy for teachers
Stressing class trips? Not with us! Our practically proven experience programs are fun for the kids and a joy for teachers. More »

Sports training camps in Youth Hostels

Sports boost boost solidarity and team spirit
Sports boost boost solidarity and team spirit: Stay in one of our specified Sports Youth Hostels. More »

The ideal places for conferences

Youth Hostels - The ideal atmosphere for seminars and courses

Youth Hostels offer you a tailor-made programme for your conference, seminar or workshop.

More »

Fun and education bonded seamlessly

We have what you’re looking for
The best way to learn is to get out of the day-to-day life of school and university and start learning by doing. More »